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From the start of his apprenticeship, Brad Halliwell has been involved with building some very exclusive homes. After completing his "Advanced Trade" apprenticeship and on returning from a couple of years overseas he realized his potential and started his own company. That was 1984.

From building mansions in the kiwifruit "gold rush" of the seventies, to the "eco friendly" focus on today's homes, Brad has seen some enormous changes within the industry.  Whether these changes are cosmetic or structural, Brad is kept up to date through industry organizations like Registered Master Builders, B.R.A.N.Z., DBH, and the product manufacturers themselves.

Brad:  "In the first week of my apprenticeship I learnt how to install Gib board. I'm still learning now!"

During those years, Brad has undertaken a number of diverse projects.  Apart from building award winning homes, his team has constructed a number of commercial projects.  Not only did the "One Ten Apartments" in Taupo, reach National Gold status, he also received the "Commercial Builder of the Year" award.

These accolades of course cannot go to Brad alone. He has a wealth of experience to draw from within his permanent staff.  Over one hundred years worth of experience in fact. This knowledge is not kept to themselves either. Brad believes in giving something back to the industry that has given him so much, and to date has had some 21 apprentices through his stable.

Brad has simple phylosophy's in life, but the main one he employs is that:

"Every project you do is your advertisement. Referrals come from that. Referrals are everything!"