Master Builders

The Registered Master Builders Federation is a membership organisation representing a significant part of New Zealand's building and construction fraternity.  It has been around since 1892 and we are proud of our heritage

The Registered Master Builders Federation is represented regionally by 22 local Associations which enables us to have all the necessary checks and balances available on the ground to ensure that our members remain the ‘best of the best’ in the industry. This also ensures that their builders are provided local support and networking opportunities to share best practice with their peers, which in turn, filters down to their clients’ building projects.


To be a nurturing membership organization that enhances the reputation of its members, provides clients with a great building experience and constructs quality buildings that improve NZ’s built environment.

Our Objectives

Be considered as the membership organisation of choice by the construction industry and clients by providing:

  • Cradle to the grave membership – to support and mentor a member throughout their construction career
  • Protection for clients – through MBS guarantees, quality trade practices and first class business acumen
  • A strong Brand and reputation for quality
  • An outstanding training and mentoring regime for individuals & firms wanting to excel in construction
  • Strong and compelling service offerings to our diverse membership groups

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